We offer a variety of classes to meet the interests and needs of all people. Your personal goals are of interest to us and we offer classes to meet those goals. While, the curriculum at Siam №1 is very demanding, which is why it produces the roster of champions it has over the years, it is a school that welcomes and has a majority of its members interested in fitness, health, and proper Muay Thai. Children's classes are open to children ages 6-13. All other classes are open to people ages 14 and up. While classes differ in level , intensity, and length of time, each class teaches traditional muay thai technique and introduces culture and history from the country which the sport originates, Thailand. The classes consists of two sections:

•PHYSICAL WARM-UP (conditioning, stamina, core-strength stability exercises)

This section is considered the conditioning portion of the class and includes a series of jump-rope, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and other aerobic exercises coupled with stretching. This section prepares the body for the technical portion. As students progress and prepare for the Blue short test, a short run prior to class is encouraged.


After students have done the physical warmed-up, the technical section begins. This section begins with shadow boxing and is followed by basic and proper Muay Thai including: stance, foot work, long weapons (jab, punch and kick) and short weapons (elbow, knee and clinching) and combinations. Basic technique is included in every class and new techniques are introduced. Partner drills, bag work and pad work are incorporated into the technique section of the class.


A 90-minute class that splits the physical conditioning and technique into two 45-minute parts. This class is recommended for those interested in trying Muay Thai out for the first time (Trial class), for beginner students, experienced but new students to Siam No.1, and for those who enjoy less vigorous yet still challenging and exciting classes. In these classes the conditioning section is kept to 45-minutes with simplified aerobic exercise. The technique portion is kept basic and reinforces essential moves. If its your first time, it's FREE! Please download the sign up form and fill in only the waiver portion.


A 2-hour class that splits the physical conditioning and technique into two 60-minute parts. The intensity and rep level of each exercise is higher to accommodate the broader range of physical conditioned students. This class is recommended for students ready for a slightly more challenging workout. Yellow beginner and blue advanced students may attend and are encouraged to work out at their personal level of intensity. The technique portion is specifically tailored to the groupings of the beginner and advanced students and consists of both basic technique and challenging combinations and drills.


A 2-hour class that splits the physical conditioning and technique into two 60-minute parts. These classes at times do exceed the two hour allotted time with the premise to push advanced students to very challenging levels. Blue short and fighters may attend these classes to further increase their conditioning and improve their technique. The Master and/or higher level ranking Kru (instructors) instruct these classes. The conditioning is highly intense consisting of high repetition and complex, Muay Thai aerobic exercises. The technique portion consists of advanced drills including pad work, heavy bag work, and advanced footwork. Students taking these classes are interested in increasing their level of fitness and developing their Muay Thai skills to high levels. Some students use this class to prepare for amateur and professional fights.


A 60-minute class that is split into two 30-minute parts. Students engaged in both cardiovascular exercise and technique. Children learn to skip, increase their balance and coordination through basic aerobic exercise. Independence is encouraged as students are taught to wrap their own hands and follow the routines on their own. Self discipline and respect are fostered through the expectation of learning to focus on the instructor and learning about Thai culture (i.e. how to greet one another, how to count to 10 in Thai). Students not only have fun in class, they gain physical fitness and learn essential life skills.