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Take your physical condition, personal goals and Muay Thai training to a new level. Master Suchart has been training people for over twenty years and offers programs for everyone interested in improving their health, fitness and Muay Thai technique. The sessions are customized to meet your needs and match your level of fitness and experience in Muay Thai. No one understands Muay Thai development better than Master Suchart – his knowledge is priceless and it is now being offered to you!

10 PERSONAL SESSIONS: A great way to begin your Muay Thai training!

10 PERSONAL SESSIONS: Compliment your classes!

10 PERSONAL SESSIONS: Support your training for your first fight!

10 PERSONAL SESSIONS: 10 personal sessions: A great way to improve your technique, experience and understanding of Muay Thai!

Athletes from around the world come to learn from Master Suchart – from world class athletes, to instructors, to beginning students – Master Suchart develops a program for everyone. A variety of packages are available – the most popular being 10 session packages.

If you want the best fitness results? Train with the best teacher. Influencing everyone he trains, his testaments are Siam no.1’s own highly decorated roster of champions. Accommodating sessions at times convenient to you, at Siam no.1, it’s hard to deprive yourself this opportunity! Get in the best shape of your life NOW!

Contact Master Suchart @ 416-710-6696 for rates.

Take your Muay Thai training to a whole new level!